Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the interests of all public school children in our community.  All students in our public schools deserve the best education to prepare them for 21st century global competition. Our grassroots movement aims to bring the focus back to what’s important -- ensuring our children receive the best public education possible and finding peace in our community.
Our Platform

We are committed to:
  • Promoting public education as the number one priority in our community
  • Achieving peace and fairness in our school community through civil, fact-based dialogue
  • Promoting fiscal responsibility and transparency
Our Background
  • We are a grassroots community group made up of a collection of community members and parents. We support fiscal responsibility, accuracy and civil dialogue. 
  • We endorse public school-related issues involving long-term public school solutions in our community.
  • We are committed to balanced leadership for all public school children.
  • We advocate for issues that promote sound fiscal decisions