2014 Bond


Voters approved a $150 Million authorization for the Los Altos School District for bond funding in November 2014..  The stated purpose of the funding was primarily to deal with enrollment growth in the district. Over the course of 2015, no funds have been borrowed under this authorization.  The district has stated its preference is to identify a new location which can be acquired with bond funds, and failing that, to expand upon existing district-owned land. 

New Land

The district has a confidential "10th Site Committee" which has worked over the course of 2015 to identify potential sites.  During that year, no site was found.  Through June 2016, LASD has looked at two 4 or 5 acre sites on El Camino Real, one a shopping center and one an office building.  No plans were put forth as to what size of school would be constructed or what type of design would be employed.  These sites are notably smaller than those discussed by the 26 member Facilities Master Plan Committee of LASD, which was suspended in March 2015.

Existing Site Expansion

LASD has not put forth publicly any specific plans to add a permanent additional school to an existing site.  They have asked for ideas though, with regards to adding a school as an additional use of an existing city-owned facility.  

Here are some ideas for adding an additional school to a district-owned location: