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School Crowding

There are some unappreciated factors at play in the Los Altos School District.  Some of them will be explored in this series.                                             


School Crowding

To date, LASD has managed to keep each school well below the target  of 600 students that was established back at the time of the last bond measure.  The concern motivating site expansion at present has to do with continuing this going forward, and not with relieving actual overcrowding existing at schools right now.

There has been ongoing growth as shown by increasing the number of elementary schools from 6 to 7.  Covington and Gardner Bullis were both  reopened and operating as of 2008, making a total of 7 LASD-operated elementary schools for the first time in many years.  There has been added growth since then.  What has kept the school populations from exceeding targets?  The biggest factor has been the large number of district students who have joined Bullis Charter School, which has absorbed over half of the growth in the district since it opened.

Sometimes it is not appreciated how diverse the Bullis Charter population is.  Below is a map of the home locations of the Bullis population projected for 2014-2015.