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Enrollment Over the Years

There are some unappreciated factors at play in the Los Altos School District.  Some of them will be explored in this series.     Use the next   arrow to cycle through the entire series.                                    


School Enrollments Over the Years

LASD has a history of enrollment fluctuations over time.  During the 50's and even earlier  the district experienced tremendous growth as is described on the LASD website.

School Enrollments Since 1996

The California Department of Education makes available graphs of specific school enrollments since 1996.  We can take a look at this information for the 9 current LASD schools to see the fluctuations and potential for future growth.

Gardner Bullis

This school was reopened as a K-6 site in 2008-09 following 5 years of being out of normal service.  Prior to being shut down as a K-6 school in 2003 this school was known as Bullis-Purissima Elementary School.  Note that the bars below are missing to indicate zero enrollment for 2003-04 and 2004-05. The following 3 years were under 100 students each, entirely in Kindergarten.  The reopening of the K-6 school in 2008 marked an increase in the number of LASD-operated schools to reach 9 total schools.

Covington Elementary

This school was reopened for the 2003-04 school year to be the largest district school with 48,824 square feet of space before any supplementation by relocatable buildings. At the time it reopened, the district closed Bullis-Purissima, maintaining a count of 8 total district schools.

Almond Elementary

Springer Elementary

Loyola Elementary

Oak Avenue Elementary

Santa Rita Elementary

Egan Jr. High

Blach Jr. High