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District Boundaries and Name

There are some unappreciated factors at play in the Los Altos School District.  Some of them will be explored in this series.     Use the next   arrow to cycle through the entire series.                                    


Some people are confused by the name of the Los Altos School DistrictAlthough it is named for Los Altos, it is really a union elementary school district serving areas of 4 cities.  All of them are important members of the LASD community.  To itemize, LASD encompasses:

  • ~75% of the city of Los Altos
  • ~20% of the city of Mountain View
  • ~70% of the city of Los Altos Hills
  • an unincorporated portion of Santa Clara County between Los Altos and Los Altos Hills (most of the Country Club Neighborhood)
  • one neighborhood of the city of Palo Alto (the Monroe Park area)

The above pie chart shows the converse of this discussion, namely the proportion of LASD students who come from the various cities.

Other school districts serve the remainder of these cities.  Cupertino Union serves several neighborhoods of Los Altos for elementary school and middle school.   This includes Woodland Acres/The Highlands, the small portion of Central Los Altos located south of Fremont Avenue, and the large portion of South Los Altos that is south of Fremont Avenue.  These areas are also part of the Fremont Union High School District.  The northern portions of Los Altos Hills which are not  part of LASD are instead part of the Palo Alto Unified School DIstrict.  The portions of Mountain View that are served by LASD include the entire area in LASD that is north of El Camino Real and various neighborhoods in Mountain View that are located along the border with the city of Los Altos, from Springer Road to Highway 85.