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Blach Traffic

There are some unappreciated factors at play in the Los Altos School District.  Some of them will be explored in this series.                                         

Blach Traffic

Pick-up and drop-off traffic at Blach could be much improved by adopting the driveway striping used at Egan.  At Egan, as at the elementary schools, the driveway is striped into two lanes.  Curbside is for stopping and the inside lane away from the curve is for moving through.  This improves the flow of traffic and reduces backups where waiting cars can extend quite a distance on neighborhood streets.

Egan parking lot:

Compare the orderly striping above with the current lack of striping at Blach, as shown below.
Notice how the tendency is to stop in the outside lane, rather than closer to the curb or traffic barrier.  The situation is compounded by the raised concrete area covering the outside lane as shown at the bottom of the image.  There is a traffic barrier to separate pedestrians from cars in the form of short pillars within the raised concrete driveway area.  The raised concrete includes  a curb between the two lanes in this area, motivating cars in the outside lane to stop at that curb as one is doing in the picture. The benefit of having two lanes is lost.  What is needed is for drop off to occur in the outside lane, and for departing cars to be able to pull over to the inside lane after stopping in the outside lane.

Blach needs to be improved as well. We know the district understands this stripping change improves traffic flow, because this dual lane striping was created at Egan by 2007.   Prior to that date, both sites were similar as shown below:

pre 2007

pre 2007